A new year – a new technique

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I am diving into my studio shed and kicking off 2016 with the release of the first in a series of step-by-step technique guides. In this first guide you will discover the beautiful techniques of Top Stitch, Padded Top Stitch and just Plain Padded Paper Quilting. Through detailed instructions and photos, you can learn how to transform a single piece of beautiful paper with a grid of straight stitching. Or, add padding to create a “puffy” Paper Quilt with or without a stitching grid. No die cutting or paper punching required. These simply gorgeous Paper Quilts can be used on greeting cards, pictures and scrapbook pages. These techniques can also be used in fabric quilting.

I have worked on these techniques for more years than I care to think about. The way I began creating quilts, using this idea, was just too difficult and tricky. I knew it would give you more problems than you could poke a stick at. But it’s all been sorted now – so I hope you enjoy these ideas and where you can take them yourself. I look forward to seeing how you use these techniques in your own creations.

Here is a link to a short YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay9NTyD3VKI&feature=em-upload_owner

If you would like to learn about Top Stitch, Padded Top Stitch and Plain Padded Paper Quilting, please pop over to the Paper Quilt Creations shop: http://www.paperquiltcreations.com/shop/latest-patterns to place an order.

Here are a few examples of Paper Quilts using these techniques.



Cupcake Dream

DSC03127 small (1)Recently I was commissioned to create a paper quilt from a lovely young man who wanted to give a picture to his wife. Isn’t that a lovely thing for him to do. After asking what she liked and was interested, in we hit on her dream – to own a cupcake store.

I have thought about doing Paper Quilt cup cakes before. I have even been asked to make a pattern of cupcakes before. BUT – something always got in the way. It just seemed too difficult. Why I ask myself now. Very silly.

This creation was such fun to make and once I got into these cupcakes I couldn’t seem to stop. So I ended up with nine cupcakes on a 3 tiered stand. Each one a bit different from the others in shape and decoration. Paper punched flowers and butterflies, Swarovski crystals, charms, pearls and bows. Even a steam roller got a look in.

Looking forward to doing another one of these.

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