Cupcake Dream

DSC03127 small (1)Recently I was commissioned to create a paper quilt from a lovely young man who wanted to give a picture to his wife. Isn’t that a lovely thing for him to do. After asking what she liked and was interested, in we hit on her dream – to own a cupcake store.

I have thought about doing Paper Quilt cup cakes before. I have even been asked to make a pattern of cupcakes before. BUT – something always got in the way. It just seemed too difficult. Why I ask myself now. Very silly.

This creation was such fun to make and once I got into these cupcakes I couldn’t seem to stop. So I ended up with nine cupcakes on a 3 tiered stand. Each one a bit different from the others in shape and decoration. Paper punched flowers and butterflies, Swarovski crystals, charms, pearls and bows. Even a steam roller got a look in.

Looking forward to doing another one of these.

DSC03135 small (1) DSC03134 small (1) DSC03133 small (1) DSC03132 small (1) DSC03131small (1) DSC03130 small (1)

Easter Rabbit

This little rabbit is so adorable. I have christened her Millikins. This design can be used at Easter time but would also make a lovely birthday card, gift tag or small picture. Create this design in any colour way or style you wish.

Create her in stripes or 1 inch squares.

Pattern # GC209

Available as a Print and Post or download pattern.

DSC02844 DSC02845

prisma rabbit small 611 strip rabbit small 613first edition rabbit small 612

Happy St Patricks Day – to all on the 17th.

May you always have…Walls for the wind.                                                                                                A roof for the rain. Tea (or a swift half or two) beside the fire. Laughter to cheer you. Those you love near you. And all your heart may desire.

I have a tiny bit of Irish blood in me, so I embrace it on St Patricks Day.

Here are a few Paper Quilts which embrace the Irish spirit. Four were commissioned to be patterns for the inaugural International Irish Quilt and Craft  Festival in 2012.

scan0454 shamrock scan0455 garden set358trees - dress395 scan0394 _DSC5786a (2) _DSC6064 _DSC5780a _DSC5796a