Cupcake Dream

DSC03127 small (1)Recently I was commissioned to create a paper quilt from a lovely young man who wanted to give a picture to his wife. Isn’t that a lovely thing for him to do. After asking what she liked and was interested, in we hit on her dream – to own a cupcake store.

I have thought about doing Paper Quilt cup cakes before. I have even been asked to make a pattern of cupcakes before. BUT – something always got in the way. It just seemed too difficult. Why I ask myself now. Very silly.

This creation was such fun to make and once I got into these cupcakes I couldn’t seem to stop. So I ended up with nine cupcakes on a 3 tiered stand. Each one a bit different from the others in shape and decoration. Paper punched flowers and butterflies, Swarovski crystals, charms, pearls and bows. Even a steam roller got a look in.

Looking forward to doing another one of these.

DSC03135 small (1) DSC03134 small (1) DSC03133 small (1) DSC03132 small (1) DSC03131small (1) DSC03130 small (1)