Teaching at my Studio

I teach Paper Quilting from my studio just south of Canberra in the NSW country-side. I teach a maximum of 4 students at one time. This gives us plenty of room. $140 for a day session with two course lunch 10am – 4pm. $50 for a morning or afternoon session with tea, coffee and yummy things to eat either 10am – 12.30pm or 1.30 – 4.00pm. I have developed many different techniques within Paper Quilting which I will share. In a session we create a sampler piece using a particular technique and then a pattern piece. Please contact me by email at paperquiltcreations@gmail.com for all the details.

I am also available to teach larger groups at your venue, craft retreat or craft show.

Celebration pattern GC215

I’ve been playing around with cakes. Isn’t a cake a wonderful invention. It can say welcome to my house, welcome home or thank you for joining us to celebrate a birthday, birth of a child, an engagement or a wedding. So it is a fitting design to put on a greeting card for just these occassions.

This pattern can be created in two ways – Just Squares or Layered Squares and can use either 1 inch or 3/4 inch squares. It is a design which will have you looking through your embellishment box because for this design you may as well go over the top.

Here are some examples.


Layered Squares 3/4 inch squares technique using Anna Griffin and First edition papers



Layered Squares 1 inch squares using Anna Griffin and First Edition papers.

celebration pic050 sl

Just Squares 1 inch squares Using First Edition papers.

celebration pic049 sl

Just Squares 3/4 inch squares using DCWV papers.

A new year – a new technique

DSC03287 (1)

I am diving into my studio shed and kicking off 2016 with the release of the first in a series of step-by-step technique guides. In this first guide you will discover the beautiful techniques of Top Stitch, Padded Top Stitch and just Plain Padded Paper Quilting. Through detailed instructions and photos, you can learn how to transform a single piece of beautiful paper with a grid of straight stitching. Or, add padding to create a “puffy” Paper Quilt with or without a stitching grid. No die cutting or paper punching required. These simply gorgeous Paper Quilts can be used on greeting cards, pictures and scrapbook pages. These techniques can also be used in fabric quilting.

I have worked on these techniques for more years than I care to think about. The way I began creating quilts, using this idea, was just too difficult and tricky. I knew it would give you more problems than you could poke a stick at. But it’s all been sorted now – so I hope you enjoy these ideas and where you can take them yourself. I look forward to seeing how you use these techniques in your own creations.

Here is a link to a short YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay9NTyD3VKI&feature=em-upload_owner

If you would like to learn about Top Stitch, Padded Top Stitch and Plain Padded Paper Quilting, please pop over to the Paper Quilt Creations shop: http://www.paperquiltcreations.com/shop/latest-patterns to place an order.

Here are a few examples of Paper Quilts using these techniques.



‘Quilt A Koala’ by Margaret Rolfe

At thquilt a koala113e recent ACT Embroiderers Guild exhibition at Albert Hall I couldn’t resist having a look at the members table, where pre-loved books and materials are displayed. I picked up this fabulous book written by Margaret Rolfe published in 1986. It contains 20 beautiful designs featuring Australian animals and birds for use on quilts, cushions, bags and clothing.

I goggled Margaret and the following is from her website.  “Margaret Rolfe is an Australian quiltmaker and author. She has been making quilts since 1975 and writing books since 1983. Margaret is especially known for the pieced animal block designs that are a feature of many of her books. She is also a quilt historian and has researched the history of quiltmaking in Australia from early convict times until the present. Margaret was a founder of Canberra Quilters Inc., a group that she and a friend started in 1976. She also founded the Quilt Study Group of Australia, a group to further research into quilts and textiles in Australia. On 26 January, Australia Day 2001, Margaret was honoured by being made a Member of the Order of Australia. The award was ‘For service to the decorative arts, particularly as an authority on the history of quilts and quiltmaking, to the promotion of the craft through teaching and writing, and as an advisor on the acquisition of quilts from the national collection.’ Margaret received her medal from Sir William Deane, the Governor General, at an investiture at Government House, Yarralumla, on 6 April 2001. Margaret has taught and lectured about quiltmaking in Australia and the world, including the United States of America, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Japan.”

My plan is to work through the book completing each design using the puzzler Paper Quilting technique. This technique is a bit like completing a child’s jigsaw puzzle where the pieces fit onto board. As I complete each animal or bird, I will add it to this post. I have found that to successfully use Paper Quilting, the designs have to be adapted slightly, so that there are not as many pieces to the “puzzle” or pattern. They are great fun to work on and the results are very fresh and modern. The finished pieces fit into a 20cm square frame and so would look great as a set hanging on the wall.

I look forward to tracking down Margaret’s other books to explore more of her work. http://www.margaretrolfe.com

Fabric quilting books are full of inspiration for use in Paper Quilting. So second hand book shops, school fete’s and charity book fairs are a great place to find books and magazines that will inspire you. Many of the designs and patterns for fabric can be used as is, or adapted. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of sitting down and thinking time. Just remember to acknowledge the designer who has spent many hours creating the pattern.

These patterns have been re-created and shown on my blog with the permission of Margaret Rolfe.

boobook owl071 pelican070 kookaburra114cockatoo112green tree frog115blue wren116gang gang cockatoo117

Cupcake Dream

DSC03127 small (1)Recently I was commissioned to create a paper quilt from a lovely young man who wanted to give a picture to his wife. Isn’t that a lovely thing for him to do. After asking what she liked and was interested, in we hit on her dream – to own a cupcake store.

I have thought about doing Paper Quilt cup cakes before. I have even been asked to make a pattern of cupcakes before. BUT – something always got in the way. It just seemed too difficult. Why I ask myself now. Very silly.

This creation was such fun to make and once I got into these cupcakes I couldn’t seem to stop. So I ended up with nine cupcakes on a 3 tiered stand. Each one a bit different from the others in shape and decoration. Paper punched flowers and butterflies, Swarovski crystals, charms, pearls and bows. Even a steam roller got a look in.

Looking forward to doing another one of these.

DSC03135 small (1) DSC03134 small (1) DSC03133 small (1) DSC03132 small (1) DSC03131small (1) DSC03130 small (1)

Star Shine # GC212

I’m not sure why I haven’t done this design before – it was so obvious. But getting the star to look just right took quite a bit of trial and error – who would think? When it’s a simple shape it has to be just so doesn’t it.DSC03028

DSC03036 DSC03037

This design is very versatile as a greeting card or small picture for both girls and boys, women and men. Great for Birthdays, Father’s Day, congratulations or for Christmas greetings. Created using either 1 inch or 3/4 inch squares using the easy and fully explained Layered Squares technique (or adapt it to the Just Squares technique by sewing the star, cutting it out and layering onto a background paper).

The design seems to work well with solid coloured papers or those with a very tiny pattern (the red, white and blue star uses a blue floral paper from Anna Griffin). Solid, foil embossed Christmas wrap in gold was used on the Christmas star. The background can be created as bands of colour or in all the same colour. Embellish with sparkles, charms or wording for the perfect greeting card.

This is a great project for teaching simple sewing to any age group – both girls and boys.

The design can also be adapted to be a fun hanging ornament or very special gift tag – pictures to follow. (promise!).

Easter Rabbit

This little rabbit is so adorable. I have christened her Millikins. This design can be used at Easter time but would also make a lovely birthday card, gift tag or small picture. Create this design in any colour way or style you wish.

Create her in stripes or 1 inch squares.

Pattern # GC209  http://www.paperquiltcreations.com/shop/latest-patterns

Available as a Print and Post or download pattern.

DSC02844 DSC02845

prisma rabbit small 611 strip rabbit small 613first edition rabbit small 612

Butterfly Card

I am having such a great time re-creating all my Paper Quilt patterns for the new presentation boards.

Butterfly Card pattern is one of the most popular patterns. But the central body is sometimes a bit fiddly and difficult as it is quite small. Why not just leave it out! re-create the body with graduating crystals instead. I think it gives a fantastic result – and so much quicker and easier. Amazing how different a selection of papers from My Minds Eye “Lost and Found – Heirloom collection”  looks just by changing the background colour.



Faberge inspired Easter Eggs.

Easter is one of my most favourite times of the year. Here in Australia, Autumn is in the air with crisp mornings, brilliant blue sky days and the air is clear and fresh.

Here are a few Faberge Egg inspired Paper Quilt Projects. Create these patterns as cards, pictures or hanging ornaments for an Easter Tree.

Pattern # GC118

scan0483 scan0379 strips Egg small 608 rossi 45 Egg small610 Graphic 45 Egg small 606 Gold papers Egg small 607